Here are the spoilers from Home and Away and you are going to enjoy it

Source: Digital Spy

 Home and Away have suggested that the relationship between Nikau Parata and Bella Nixon could be pretty tricky. In Thursday’s triple episode in Australia (3 June), the young couple began to drift away more, with his only emphasis on Nikau’s new work.

He has been working as the role model, and although he was uncomfortable at first, he now takes the opportunity to give his family a better life. Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) is currently working as the model. Sadly, Nikau’s determination began to take him down a troubling path, including tough training and skip food.

While she does not know Bella (Courtney Miller), she recognised Nikau’s fixation with the image and increased his profile on social media.

Source: Digital Spy

The last stubble arrived in the show’s latest episodes, as he was hosting a promotional event that would ensure more internet supporters with his controlling agent Sienna Blake (Rose Riley) and Model Allegra Freeman (Laura McDonald).

The impressive Nikau organised an unforgettable poolside party with support from Sienna that would be captured on social media. When Nikau obsessed with each bit of detail of the day, Bella lost her patience with her boyfriend’s evident transformation and “fake” the whole scenario.

Bella ultimately broke and scolded Nikau in a row that threatened to compromise her future: “You become an insecure, obsessed social media fake. Nik, I don’t like that much. You’re changing.”

Can Nikau and Bella work, or their tension only worsen? At the beginning of July, Home and Away viewers in Britain will watch these moments on Channel 5. Home and Away air on channel 5 (UK) on weekdays at 1:15 and 18 and 7 pm on channel 7, on Mondays to Thursdays (Australia).

Well, it will be interesting to see what happens ahead in the situation.

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