Here is how the cartoon animals were filmed for Tom and Jerry!!

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The animation and computer-generated imagery have developed so much over the years that almost everything can be given a character a filmmaker wants to give. Many special effects are used to give life to the cartoon characters. The same kind of work is seen there in the recently released Tom and Jerry movie.

The rivals were forced to relocate this time to New York City after they lost their origin (London). In the new movie the two enemies, Tom and Jerry, land together in an upscale hotel where Tom works to handle the pest control and hunt for Jerry.

What is so different about the new Tom and Jerry?

The biggest change in the theme is that the characters are transformed into the live-action world, and they aren’t completely animated this time. Chlöe Grace Mortez and Michael Peña are seen in the movie as co-stars with Tom and Jerry. During the filming of the movie, these animated characters were given human reference for ease of the real actors, which gave better results in the final movie. 

Director Tim Story told in a QnA session that all the CGI characters were referred to as physical puppets which were controlled by a puppeteer and played with them according to the requirement.

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The movie is combined three-dimensionally with the use of human references, puppets, and live actors. It is a perfect bliss to watch on the big screen. 

People are appreciating the new version of Tom and Jerry as it is more realistic and it has amazing visuals which eventually provides a great movie experience. 

We all know that Tom and Jerry is one of our best childhood memories and we will love to watch more of it. So it’s a request to the makers to make something again that we can relive our childhood. Just sharing my inner thoughts with the characters!!! Stay tuned with us and follow the space for more such updates on your favorite characters and series.


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