Here is the full cast list for “Ruby”

Source: IMDb

The ‘Landry Series’ begins a new series of movies influenced by the writer VC Andrews. ‘Ruby’ is the first film in which the series starts and three more films are made for television.

The synopsis of ‘Ruby’ reads on Lifetime as:” ‘Ruby’ centres on Ruby Landry (Raechelle Banno), born in the Louisiana bayou and watched over by her loving Grandmère Catherine (Judd). Ruby is filled with hope as love blooms with her high school sweetheart Paul Tate (Duke), but lingering thoughts of her mysterious father and her mother’s death often creep into Ruby’s mind. As dark family secrets begin to reveal themselves when Paul’s parents forbid him from seeing Ruby, Ruby is further devastated.”

The most famous role of Australian actress Raechelle Banno before playing Ruby’s character was in the Australian “Home and Away” soap opera. The twin sister of Raechelle, Karina Banno, is also in the ‘Ruby’ series on ‘Evil Twin’ Gisele Lifetime that Ruby meets only a bit later.

Source: IMDb

Naomi Judd may be best-known to fans for her musical skills, but as a caring grandmother of Ruby, she takes her acting chops to the table. The famous musical duo ‘The Judds’ and ‘The Judds’ were founded by Naomi and her daughter Wynona. In 1991, Farewell Tour was the leading industry tour. In movies like ‘An Evergreen Christmas,’ ‘Someone Like You,’ and ‘Route 65 Nashville, Naomi was shown.

In this first instalment of the ‘Ruby’ series, Gil Bellows plays Ruby’s enigmatic father. Of course, Bellows fans know best about his ‘Ally McBeal’ role as Billy. Bellows is also a screenwriter and producer whose remarkable film work includes the classic ‘The Shawshank Redemption.’ In the series ‘The Agency’, Bellows also played CIA agent Matt Callan. He regularly participated in “Eyewitness”‘ cast in 2016-2017.

Luckily Karina Banno, Ruby’s twin sister, shares her sister Raechelle Banno’s friendship better in real life. Actor Karina is well known for her roles in ‘Second Best’ and ‘Reckoning’ and will be appearing in the VC Andrews ‘Ruby’ Lifetime adaptations.

Crystal Fox, Sam Duke, Lauralee Bell and Ty Wood are the other stars in ‘Ruby.’ ‘Ruby’ is a book written by VC Andrews and is directed by Gail Harvey. Richard Blaney’s ‘Ruby’ has been adapted for the screen.


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