Here is what Ross Marquand has to say about Aaron and Jesus’ crucial romance!!

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Ross Marquand is an actor who is playing the role of Aaron in The Walking Dead. Ross has revealed the crucial romance that happened between Aaron and Jesus, played by Tom Payne, while the time jumps. We have seen that Aaron was killed in the ninth season of the show but we also got some hints that gave a glimpse of the romantic relationship between Aaron and Jesus. 

What does Ross Marquand have to say??

In various press interviews, Marquand has spoken about the relationship between Aaron and Jesus. He started by saying that it was a very crucial stage for both of them to create the scenario after such a long time. He added that both of them already knew that it would be difficult as their characters were ready to interact with each other for a great deal. Their goal was to make the scene that would show the familiarity beyond the screens.

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At the time of the shooting for the ninth season, Tom Payne and Ross Marquand were in a relationship, and for achieving what they were thinking for the shoot they decided to allude to their off-screen relationship. And this idea was proved to be great as we have seen that there was a lot of love and respect between both of them in the entire season. 

In the conversation, Seth Gilliam asked a funny question that who broke whose heart and Marquand replied was that probably it was Jesus who broke Aaron’s heart.

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