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“Blue Period” refers to a particularly creative period in Pablo Picasso’s life in the field of high art. From 1901 through 1904, Picasso developed a creative work based on his financial misfortune and tragic personal events at the Masterworks Fine Art Gallery. 

The artist shows sorrowful images, many of which are considered by many to be his most fiercely yet beautiful work, through a palette of blues and blue-greens. The Manga of Tsubasa Yamaguchi is not directly focused on Picasso, but an elegant result, steeped in history and aesthetic impact, also called “Blue Period.”

Manga Yamaguchi is a forthcoming tale of Yatora Yaguchi, a young Japanese high school student who is so moved by an artistic artwork inspired by painting with his hand. “Blue Period,” which opened in 2017 under Kodansha, has already been recognised and granted its unique style of art and an instructive and echoing plot. The manga received both the 13th Manga Taisho Award and the Best General Manga award from Kodansha in 2020 through the Anime News Network.

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Since it first was announced in January this year, the manga “Blue Period” fans have been eager about anime adaptation. During the year, a few elements of the transformation and official release date were published. Fortunately, the “Blue Period,” as an official trailer announced that it would come in October 2021, will not take us long to wait. However, for the premiere, there is still not a specific date.

The anime “Blue Period” should closely reflect the manga’s storey. In the manga, Yatora Yaguchi is a high-grade student and a fairly popular classmate. But he feels hollow within, notwithstanding his grades and status. All of this changes when another student views an artwork. Yatora is intrigued with colours and how they mix and ultimately decide to speak through his work. He decided to create art for his life and finally wanted to go to the University of the Arts in Tokyo.

We don’t know how often the Blue Period episodes will contain, but there are many anime stories to adjust, with ten volumes of manga presently available. The anime can also be as instructive as the manga. The anime should also contain the manga’s unique teaching audience about genuine art processes through Yatora by Polygon.

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