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Since 2004, the best-selling video-game series “Far Cry” has let players play in wild, illegal landscapes through five mainline games and eight more spinoffs and extensions by Crytek and then by Ubisoft.

‘Far Cry 6’ will be released by Ubisoft after a few delays in October this year, but the first-person shooter game won’t be much longer restricted to consoles and computers. Netflix ordered a series of anime for adults based on “Far Cry” as part of the Geeked Week festivities it announced on Twitter.

There is still a creative crew behind the animation. The show is not yet under production, and that will happen sometime before. While there are no current projections for when a release on Netflix is eventually available, it’s ideal if you have to wait a few years before we get any critical information about the next day.

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There is no news about how many episodes there are going to be. Netflix’s team-up with Ubisoft will be bringing a series with animation based on the ‘Splinter Cell’ on screens and a six-phase anime called ‘Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix,’ using the alter egos of earlier characters from Ubisoft.

The initial Twitter advertisement on the track was accompanied by a pretty broad “Far Cry,” so general that there is no indication of the exhibition instalment of the game series. Or will it be based on a single game? Maybe this is an original story that skips through time or something. At this moment, it’s difficult to say.

Only before the collapse in “Far Cry 5” seems Ubisoft to try, through a loose timeline that excludes specific titles, to connect several games in the core series. And though there has always been a lot of hypocrisy, people are still trying to find out, despite the denial from devs in 2017, whether “Far Cry 6” is meant to be a prequel to “Far Cry 3.” It remains to be seen whether “the Far Cry” anime attempts to assemble all portions or focuses on a canonical timeframe.

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