Here’s Are Complete Details We Know About Ted Lasso Season 3 So Far

Here’s Are Complete Details We Know About Ted Lasso Season 3 So Far
Here’s Are Complete Details We Know About Ted Lasso Season 3 So Far

The hopeful visor weighs heavily on the head. Ted Lasso of Apple TV+ burst into the scene in 2020, injecting a much-needed injection of optimism into the bleak TV environment, but the nagging question was, could they repeat that magic in Season Two?

The response was mostly yes, which came as no surprise to the people in charge of Apple TV+. The streamer was able to negotiate a third season of the series before the second season even premiered.

This season adopted a different tone than the previous, delving into the complex individuals at the heart of AFC Richmond. Ted Lasso, played by Jason Sudeikis, was at the center, and he began treating long-standing mental health concerns.

Everything We Know About Ted Lasso Season 3

Season Three, as previously stated, is set to return in (most likely) August 2022. According to Deadline, the decision was taken in October 2020, when the series began to take off.

Ted Lasso has not only been confirmed for the third season, but its writers have allegedly been working on fresh material since September, implying that the big “what’s next” is already planned. According to The Hollywood Reporter, production will begin in January of this year.

Season Two concluded with team psychologist Dr. Sharon Fieldstone (Sarah Niles) departing in the most emotional of Ted Lasso’s farewells.

The last episode also appeared to foreshadow the departure of The Independent’s Trent Crimm (the gorgeously coiffed James Lance) after he disclosed that Nate was his source for the exposé on Ted’s panic attack, but TV Line claims that those exits are a bit of a ruse. Both will be back for the third season.

Ted Lasso Season 3 – What’s The Expected Plotline?

Here’s Are Complete Details We Know About Ted Lasso Season 3 So Far
Ted Lasso Season 3 – What’s The Expected Plotline

There has been no word on when or where the next season will begin. Season Two began a few months later, with AFC Richmond on a run of draws following relegation. The Season Two finale also included a brief time leap.

Nate tells Ted off and quits the team, so we know he’s on the coaching staff (perhaps as head coach?) at West Ham, which was bought by Rebecca’s philandering ex-husband. In Season Two, Nate went from being a cheery underdog to a vengeful, enraged second man who craved his moment in the coaching limelight.

Season Three will very certainly follow the opposing trajectories of AFC Richmond and West Ham as the good and the vain clash.

In terms of other characters, Keeley and Roy’s relationship has been left with an unsettling level of ambiguity heading into the third season, while Rebecca and Sam’s partnership also appears to have the potential for a huge season three.

Ted Lasso has also done a wonderful job of not leaving loose ends hanging for too long, so we still have Dr. Sharon’s excessive drinking to deal with. And, in terms of where Trent Crimm (of The Independent) will wind up, Keeley’s new position as head of communications appears to be a possibility.




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