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The stars of The Last Reign may shoot their final episodes amid a pandemic together, yet they nevertheless appear keen on smiling out. Social media have been flooded with updates from the 5th year of filming in Hungary, which provides an essential indication of the direction of the stories in its last chapter.

Eliza Butterworth, who since the first season has played the godly Lady Aelswith, has shared that Tolkein actor Harry Gilby is playing her grandson Aethelstan on the screen. In the latter set of events, the character was introduced as a child, confirming that we’ll see another time jump like Uhtred’s story comes to an end in the farewell season.

In the last few weeks, he is the second edition, as Domina star Ewan Horrocks joined the show in Aelfweard’s role, another of Edward’s children. On the horizon, we sense a sibling rivalry. Some fans may be unhappy that the latest three books from the Last Kingdom — including War Lord, published only last winter — are not being adapted.

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However, if you are keen to know how Uhtred finishes in the action-packed chapters of Bernard Cornwell, consider reading The Books of The Last Kingdom that follow the person to old age. Here’s all that we know. 

The Last Season of the Kingdom five is not yet officially known, but we know that movies have been well underway and are to be finished throughout the summer.

When the work is going smoothly, it can then be possible, for a hypothetical release time in late 2021 or early 2022, for the serial to stick to its regular eight-month production cycle. A social media video confirmed that in April 2021, the team of the Last Kingdom came back to Hungary to shoot its final season.

Stage 5 comprises another ten Netflix episodes, based on Books 9 and 10 of The Saxon Stories: the Storm Warriors and The Flame Bearer.

“Uhtred’s fifth instalment is more than Bebbanburg, which will be able to realise his destiny: it is related to England’s future itself. Uhtred’s ambition will be charged with the teaching of the warrior King Edward’s first-born son Aethelstan. But Uhtred will have to face his greatest opponent and bear his greatest loss to attain that destiny,” suggests the official synopsis.

We also anticipate more of the development of connections between the daughter Stiorra of Uhtred and the intriguing Viking Warrior Sigtryggr. They, under unlikely circumstances, seem to have forged an original link. We will have to wait for the fifth season to release to know what is to happen forward in the story.

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