Here’s Former EastEnders star Billy Murray reaction to the return of Johnny Allen

Courtesy: Digital Spy

The fans of EastEnders wish for the return of Johnny Allen on the show, one of the much-loved villains.

In 2006 Johnny may have been killed, but actor Billy Murray now shares that his character will still get back to the soap, particularly his daughter (Louisa Lytton), on-screen, Ruby (Lytton) is also back on the show.

Murray told the reporters, “I keep getting asked on social media when I’m going back; people are adamant it’s happening because they show my picture on Ruby’s desk all the time. He can’t be alive. I have to refute it each time. He could maybe come back as a twin brother or step out of the shower like Bobby Ewing in Dallas if his death turned out to be a dream. Though I don’t look good in the shower any more, so I’m ruling that one out!”

Johnny return will be no shock fo the audience as we all know that anything can happen in Soapland, and this wasn’t going to be the first time that a soap brought back a character from the dead – recall that during EastEnders’ live week of 2015, when Kathy Bale appeared?

Murray, who is also renowned for playing Don Beech’s role in The Bill from 1995 to 2004, noted that being in soap or drama is “one of the toughest jobs on TV.”

Courtesy: The Mirror

He continued his statement by adding that, Being in a soap or continuing drama is one of the hardest jobs on TV. De Niro or Pacino couldn’t do what Steve McFadden or Danny Dyer do in EastEnders. None of those big names could walk in and do it because they’d want rehearsals, and there’s no time for that, and it’s all shot out of sequence. I look back at those shows fondly. Someone posted my very first scene from The Bill on Twitter recently, and I could remember every single word like it was yesterday.”

Anyway, his return will be a good thing for the story, and the audience will definitely be ecstatic about his return to the show.


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