Here’s How Brad Pitt Feels About Nicole Poturalski’s Angelina Jolie


After ending things with Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt an American actor, producer currently is in a relationship with a model Nicol Poturalski who, well yeah, reminds a shred of Angelina. Recently Nicol has shut down the conjectures that she despises Angie. 

Well, the American actor isn’t upset at all on the comment of Nicol on his ex. It seems like he doesn’t want more complications. But controversies are not going to leave Brad behind. So, in case you have missed anything, here we have all the updates from the scratch.

What’s the matter?

An Instagram follower commented on Nicol’s post where she has written “happy Sunday”. He bobbed into the comments section and asked the couple why she and Brad hate Angelina so much. This is not only about this comment, speculations are there outside that the couple hates Angelina.

In response to the comment, Nicol replied that “Happy people don’t hate”, it was a kind of musing not only to that comment but also to speculation. 

According to the sources of the US weekly, Brad wasn’t offended by Nicol’s comment over Angie, and there is no reason that he would be. Brad is happy that she has found someone that makes him feel loved, and he now doesn’t care about others.

He is neither upset nor angry. Moreover, he simply doesn’t want to involve himself in any drama thus he made no reaction to Nicol’s remark.

Sources from the US weekly are also told that there is doubt if Brad will do marriage again. Since he is in a relationship with Nicol so rumors were there about their marriage but it doesn’t seem Brad will go for marriage this time.

He has some complications with his family and he has to sort them first. He is quite pragmatic about his relationship with the model as she lives in Germany and he too has those complications. 


It feels like everyone loves Angelina, the people as they are commenting on Nicol’s post, even Nicol as she has publicly commented that there is nothing about hating Angie and Brad himself sounds funny yeah.

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