Here’s How Long The Democrats Can Likely Stall ACB’s SCOUTS Confirmation


President Donald Trump has pinned federal appeals court, Judge Amy Coney Barrett, to be his third nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court. 

On the situation that President Donald Trump has named ACB as his nominee to the Supreme Court, the issue in Washington becomes whether the Republican-majority Senate can confirm her. It could be before Election Day. 

However, if Senate Republicans want to confirm the appeals court judge before Nov. 3, as they have they known. They would have to hold a fast confirmation technique than any in recent history. 

Only 38 days between Saturday and Election. Between Saturday and Inaugration day on 20th January 2021. The method for confirming a Supreme Court nominee takes on average about 70 days from the final vote justices confirmed from 1975 to the recent day. As per the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service. 

The Senate is supposed to begin confirmation hearings on October 12, two Capitol Hill sources confirmed to the USA. 

Numerous Senate Republicans have said they want to finalize the justice before the election. In fact, during the ‘lame0duck’ session of Congress between election day and inauguration day.

Sen. Mike Braun, R-Ind shares to reporters that earlier this week. Other Republican senators believed there were too many variables post-election that would make it complex. 

Democrats say there is the minimum time to confirm a new justice before election day. Want the Senate to wait until after the election in the Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden wins the Senate. 

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell shares history and precedent demonstrated the Senate has proper time to confirm a nomination. He cited the shorter confirmation processes of other Supreme Court justices to justify his push to confirm Trump’s nominee faster. 

However, the confirmation method for Justice John Paul Stevens in 1975 which took 19 days. 


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