Inside Edge Season 3 of Amazon Originals’ first Hindi-language web series has completed principal photography and is preparing for release. The series’ producers released an update on Instagram in June. “More cricket,” the author writes in his post. ” There’s more to the story now. Even more amusement for the audience. Season 3 will be available very shortly. HOWZATTTTTT?”

Tanuj Virwani, who plays Vayu Raghavan in the third instalment, described his character as “very organic” even though the plot has not yet been revealed.

There isn’t much he can say about Inside Edge Season 3 yet. He told ET recently. The launch is still some months away. “What I can say, though, is that Season 3 picks off where Season 2 left off.

Tanuj Virwani said, “It’s extremely organic; I’m not only speaking about my character but all the other returning characters as well.”

“I’m pretty excited,” he said. Our goal this season was to do something completely new and distinct, and we hope you guys will enjoy the manufacturers’ efforts. It’s one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Along with being a member of the cast, I’m a tremendous fan of the show. “I absolutely can not wait for you all to see it.”

“Inside Edge 3 is due soon,” Virwani told IANS a few months earlier. My profession, life, and even my acting technique were all affected due to this play. So it means a lot to me. It’s something close to my heart.” 

The Mumbai Mavericks, a fictional T20 cricket team whose owners run a league-wide match-fixing organisation, are at the focus of Inside Edge. The seasons come to a close with the Mumbai Mavericks being banned from the NBA for the next two decades after they were found to be paying for match-fixing. In addition, Mantra Patil has been sentenced to prison for his involvement in the Mumbai Mavericks basketball team’s conduct.

Zarina Malik and Vikrant Dhawan board a flight. They may split up into their group. The conclusion of Season 2’s cliffhangers would be addressed in Inside Edge 3. According to Virwani, the plotline will be radically different from the previous season and go above and beyond what the public had anticipated.

The cast of Inside Edge Season 3 has not been revealed by Amazon Prime, although Tanuj Virwani will undoubtedly return. Aside from that, nearly all prominent actors, including Vivek Oberoi, Aamir Bashir, Richa Chadda, Sapna Pabbi, and Siddhant Chaturvedi, are likely to return to their respective roles. Akshay Oberoi, formerly of Mirchi Malini, has joined Inside Edge Season 3 as a guest star.

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