What can we anticipate from Law & Order’s upcoming fourth season? Top Boy’s fourth season was supposed to premiere in 2017, but it has yet to air.

Also, a third season was announced for 2019, but no details have emerged even after a year. The fans can’t wait for the fourth season to start airing. Because of a coronavirus epidemic and other complications caused by it, production on season 4 didn’t begin until December of the previous year.

Top Boy Season 4 could arrive as soon as the end of 2021, according to certain rumours. And it’s possible that, like the third season, the teaser will be aired a month before the show’s premiere to give fans a heads-up on what characters and themes to expect from Top Boy Season 4.

The cast list includes:

  • Ashley Walters playing Dushane
  • Kane’ Kano’ Robinson playing Sully
  • Micheal Ward playing Jamie
  • Jasmine Jobson playing Jaq
  • Ashley Thomas playing Jermaine
  • Simbi’ Little Simz’ Ajikawo playing Shelley
  • David ‘Dave’ Omoregie playing Modie
  • Kadeem Ramsay playing Kit
  • Lisa Dwan playing Lizzie
  • Saffron Hocking playing Lauryn

Dushane offered a collaboration with Jamie by the third season’s end, who is currently in prison for a crime he didn’t commit to keeping his family from being found out. However, there is already friction between Dushane and Sully due to his involvement in framing Jamie’s brothers, and their new alliance may only exacerbate that.

Dushane is currently being investigated by undercover agents Sarah and Lee. As a result, the current top Boy will most certainly come under scrutiny in season four. The show’s creator and writer, Ronan Bennett, has also promised that future episodes would continue to highlight Sully’s more vulnerable side. Season three ended with Sully reeling from the death of his buddy and surrogate son Jason (Ricky Smarts) in an arson assault.

“It’s safe to say we’re pushing it a step farther in the upcoming season!” Bennett remarked on Sully’s newly discovered frailty. Season one of Netflix’s revival of Top Boy was released in late 2019, and season two will be published in the second half of this year. However, the streaming provider hasn’t expressly stated that season four will be the final one, suggesting that a fifth season be produced.

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