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Jojo Rabbit, balanced the line of comedy and tragedy at a boy who is young and is learning about the realities of the world. The young boy living in WWII Germany, with his father with a thought of him as an imaginary Hitler. This twist was mostly liked by the viewers helping the movie collect $100 million at the box office. The show’s writer/director/ Co-star Taika Waititi was awarded with an Oscar.

Roman Griffin Davis (Jojo)

The actor made a good impression as Jojo, the child actor received a golden Globe Nomination for Best performance. The teenage actor has a bright future ahead. He has one additional credit ih his account that is the forthcoming Christmas comedy Silent Night.

Thomas Mckenzie (Elsa)

Elsa’s role in the Jojo Rabbit was immense. She helped Jojo learn the error of his hateful thinking under the Nazi Regime. The child actress found her way in 2018’s acclaimed Leave No Trace. This raised her career.

Scarlett Johansson (Rossie)

Rossie is Jojo’s Mother, soft and lovable who secretly hides a Jewish woman in her home. She was nominated for best supporting Actress and in the same year she was awarded with an Oscar for marriage Story. She is also well known for her roles in HerMatch Point.

Sam Rockwen (Captain Klenzendorf)

In the child-based comedy, Captain Klenzendorf, the army officer who runs the Hitler Youth Camp. Sam has played a prominent adult. He has been an Oscar winning actor for Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. He is also known for Moon, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.

Archie Yates (Yorkie)

After the Jojo Rabbit was released, Yates was finalized for the Home Alone reboot and upcoming show that will be seen on Disney+. Yates was also heard in some of the animated short films.

These are some of the stars that made Jojo Rabbit a hit. Will update you with other stars schedules soon.


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