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The 1987 film, ‘The Untouchables’ is quite memorable to the audience till date. Plenty of its characters will live with us forever, some of the unforgettable ones are… Robert DeNiro’s character Al Capone who is known for his killing abilities with a baseball bat, Sean Connery’s was quite unusual given his Irish-American questioning character of Jim Maalone, lastly the character which provided all the emotional scenes was from Ness’s home… his loving and supportive wife Catherine who was played by Patricia Clarkson and his daughter were the symbols of love.

After successfully graduating from the Yale School of Drama, Catherine became Clarkson’s first role in the movies. According to the reports, it is believed that Patricia was struggling with financial issues and the director of the film, Brian DePalma was kind enough to expand her role for over a month instead of just a few days so that she could be given some help with her current scenario.

Source: Looper

Here’s why Patricia Clarkson looks so familiar…

You may recognize her from her familiar face in science fiction movies. She was in a ruthless role of Ava Paige in her 2014 first film of ‘Maze Runner’. Over the course of all the three parts of the film she was revealed to be the head of the organization which was creating all those dangerous mazes. These types of dystopian films should always have a cold-hearted, ruthless villain and Clarkson’s inner strength is required for a role like this.

In 2010’s film by Martin Scorsese, ‘Shutter Island’ she did a phenomenal job at giving the audience the creepy vibe from her character in a scene with Leonardo DiCaprio. Even with a far less run time she was able to capture the eye with her fear and desperation on screen.

Patricia Clarkson has done some amazing big budget movies but that doesn’t let her interest waiver from the independent and smaller films. After her 1995 indie ‘High Art’ she has been nominated for several film awards including Oscar for “Pieces of April.” Her role in ‘Pieces of Heart’ is very sensitive as well as hilarious (A must watch, I should add!)

Clarkson is a very talented TV actress as well. She has worked in several TV shows which just add on to her long list of career breakthroughs and blockbusters. She appeared in the 1985 show “Spenser: For Hire” and needless to say did a fantastic job. From 2002 to 2005 she appeared on HBO in the recurring role of Sarah in “Six Feet Under” and resulted in it winning two Emmys. In 2010’s ‘Parks and Recreation’ Patricia was seen as Tammy who was ex-wife and former driving instructor to Ron Swanson.

Followed by this in 2018 she received her second Golden Globe nomination by HBO for her character as Adora in the series named “Sharp Objects.” All these characters have made the audience quite aware of her talents since “The Untouchables.”

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