Here’s Why Vin Diesel Is Hollywood’s Most Dangerous Driver


If you have watched the movie series “Fast & Furious”, then you must be knowing how amazing the driver Vin Diesel is. But in real life, he is completely different. If you want to hand out with Diesel, never dare to lend him the keys to his car.

In this article, we are going to discuss why and what happened.

Why we are saying so?

A study has been conducted by ‘Scrap Car Comparison’ recently, and in the study, it was compared that which Hollywood actor has destroyed a maximum number of cars onscreen. After comparing for a long hour, the people took out the list of top 10 list of stars who are the heaviest drivers.

And on top of the list is Vin Diesel. He has destroyed almost 60-70 vehicles till now. Sometimes fiery too. And this position is procured by Diesel by seeing his performance in the movie series “Fast & Furious”.

You can see his driving skill from the video- 

Source: LEHREN

About some more study:

In 2011, during the shooting of “Fast Five”, Diesel wrecked up 30 cars alone driving in the narrow streets and nailing the craziest heists. He was the one who crashed the maximum number of cars among the whole casts of “Fast & Furious”.

Who are the runner-ups in the study?

On the second number, comes Bruce Wills, who smashed the cars with his machine gun in the movie “Die Hard”. Bruce has flicked almost about 50-60 cars taking from his role in “Hudson Hawk” in 1991 to “RED” in 2013. 

On the third number, comes Arnold Schwarzenegger, who crashed almost 15-20 cars in “Terminator 3: Rise of Machines” alone. His total comes 50 crashed cars.

Next one comes Matt Damon, who destroyed 35 cars in total by driving with utmost harsh in total four movies. Next is Keanu Reeves, who smashed 30 cars in “John Wick”. Now is Tom Hardy, who wasted 29 cars in “Mad Max: Fury Road” of 2015. 

Rests are Daniel Craig with 24 cars, Nicolas Cage with 22 cars, and Hobbs and Shaw tied the places with a total of 18 cars each. 

This was one of the most interesting studies taken till now, to know more, stay tuned to our page. 

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