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The ‘Halo’ Franchise and Microsoft’s Xbox consoles have been inseparable since last year, which was celebrated in November last year for their long-lasting partnership. The arrival of the new title in the core set of games became the reason for most of the attention which it grabbed. The new title, ‘Halo Infinite’ not only promised to deliver the next chapter of the game but also a soft reboot of the game series with all the new graphic engines for the players and this grabbed the attention of both video game enthusiasts and the mainstream media.

Here’s why fans are worried about the ‘Halo Infinite’ game edition failure, even after such a great advancement in the game…

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This biggest concern is that the users may see a split release for solo and competitive experiences and this all because of 343 Studio’s lack of commitment for the release of this new game series. Shacknews reported just after the delay of game release in August, 2020 that Xbox head – Phil Spencer had been a part of a discussion between Microsoft and 343 Industries about the arrival of the single player and multiplayer components. With the launch of Series X|S it was expected that either of the two game experiences will be available to the users. But Spencer said, “It just didn’t feel, to all of us, like the ‘Halo’ release that we would want.” In spite of not having any release date it is confirmed that the multiplayer and its generous battle pass system will be free to play but with a separate paid experience for single player.

There are also concerns regarding the game that it might not be able to get finished by the 2020 Holiday Deadline. The answer for it is the critical amount of decline in the game designers department. They have lost two creative directors from the ‘Halo Infinite’ team. Amongst the key figures in the team Tim Longo left 343 Industries in August 2019 and executive producer Mary Olson also departed just after two months. As reported by Windows Central, Chris Lee would resign from 343 Industries in late 2020, maybe recently he is about to resign. With all this news Microsoft and Xbox tried to put a positive side to an interview. Spencer said, “I actually think in the long run, turnover is a healthy thing because we want people who are really motivated by the things that they’re working on.” Well, it is a matter of fact and  “Long time” to see how productive it is for the game and its designers. 

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