Hi, Bye Mama. Season 2 Latest Updates


Returning of a death can be really mysterious and eerie and cab give shivers in the spine. No matter who the person was and what relationship you had with that person, a return of a dead person is a supernatural phenomenon with no one to know how to handle it. Korean television show ‘Hi, Bye Mama’ is a fantasy drama that moves around a story where a dead mother returns. The madness and the bizarre situation created when she returns and the series of comic events that follows is a work stupendously done. 

The comic timings are well managed and Kim Tae Hee’s as Cha-Yun return from death is well received by fans doubling the popularity of the show. The reincarnation post 49 days into the same family as a human is also interesting. With such a fabulous work done in season two, there are talks about no season two. The makers and the cast of the season one initially had hinted that they want to stick to season one and there were no plans for sequels. However, looking at the popularity of the show we can hope for a contract to follow. 

Hi, Bye Mama. Season 2 Latest Updates

It’s a show directed by Yoo Je-won, written by Kwon Hye-Joo and created by Studio Dragon in Dolby Digital format and is available on Netflix. Actors in Hi Bye Mama are Kim Tae-hee as Cha Yu-ri, Lee Kyu-Hyung as Cho Gang-Hwa, Go Bo-Gyeol as Oh Min-jung playing the main characters. What we saw in season one was Cha Yu-Ri returns as an official reincarnated wife. On her return, she sees her husband Cho Gang-Hwa already married to Oh Min-jung. It’s hilarious and full of drama to watch how she tries to get back into her family and finally what she does to make a way back. 

Well to know exactly what happened and how it happened a good idea is to watch this movie. Stay entertained and happy watching this season of Hi Bye Mama on Netflix.



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