Hidden Gems on Netflix you need to watch


Due to the overload of content in today’s age, it is easy to miss actual gems and get carried away by shows that are simply wildly marketed. Here we have made a list of movies that are underrated on Netflix. Do watch them and tell us how you like them!

#10 Good Time

This movie featuring Robert Pattinson follows a bank robber who does all he can to free his brother from prison. It has a 92% average audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

 #9 Nightcrawler

This Academy Award-winning film follows a petty thief, played by Jake Gyllenhaal, who goes to extremes to capture crime scenes to earn money by selling it.

#8 Defiance

This 2008 film is both an Academy Award and Golden Globe winner set in Nazi-occupied Eastern Europe during World War II.

#7 Five Element Ninjas

This 1982 Chinese film is a classic following a young disciple who seeks to avenge his master’s death.

#6 Rim of the World

You’ll like this film if you like the cast of Stranger Things. It has a similar plot where a bunch of misfit kids is forced to save the world.

#5 Safety Not Guaranteed

This movie follows a disaffected magazine intern (Aubrey Plaza) befriends an unusual guy (Mark Duplass), who is looking for a partner to accompany him on a trip back through time.

#4 Swiss Army Man

This unusual movie explores the relationship of a guy stranded in the island alone and a dead body (played by Daniel Radcliffe).

#3 The Bad Batch

This thriller created by Ana Lily  Amirpour, the director who also created “A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night”,  follows the life of a Texan girl Arlen who is forced right into the crime world.

#2 The Guest

A string of mysterious deaths leads a teenager to become suspicious of a soldier (Dan Stevens) who showed up on her family’s doorstep and claimed to be a friend of her dead brother.

#1 Cop Car

This 2015 film follows the life of two guys who steal a police car unaware of the dead body stashed in its bunker by the car’s former owner.

We hope you like our recommendations. Stay tuned with us for other latest updates!



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