High Seas Season 4: What We Know About Its Production Status And The Possible Air Date


Welcome back folks! Today we bring to you the updates from one of our most talked-about shows, High Seas, a Spanish series.

If you are follower, you must be aware about the main characters of show, Eva and Carolina, as two sisters who find themselves in unfathomable situations, aboard a ship after the death of their father. 

So, now, let us see what is in store for us and for the show itself.

High Seas Season 4: RELEASE DATE

Due to its intense popularity with the audience, the original two-season series already premiered on Netflix on 7 August 2020 with its season finale for season three and we are awaiting yet another season from Netflix. 

Sources from the show reveal that this might be the last season that we get and so we can only hope for a fourth season. Due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, being the primary reason for dropping the season, even the talk for season four is on a halt as the production house got another project for Netflix.

While some say the interest for a season four is less, a growing demand from fans on twitter, the time it takes, and a hopefully positive response for it to be picked up by another production house we can hope to expect a season four anywhere near September 2021 but possibly not from the current one.

High Seas Season 4: What We Know About Its Production Status And The Possible Air Date

High Seas Season 4: CAST LIST

While there are yet to be held talks about the renewal of the series, We can sure hope for and are expecting the original cast to return to the series including Ivana Baquero as Eva Villanueva, Alejandra Onei as Crolina Villanueva, Jose Sacristan as Pedro Villanueva, Marco Pigossi as Fabio, Begona Vargas as Veronica de Garcia and Eloy Azorin as Fernando Fabregas and we are surely excited about the cast.

As for now, we cannot say anything about any new additions to the cast and crew since the renewal is no tin the charts yet.

High Seas Season 4: PLOT

We can expect the girls to set out on yet another mission this fourth season. We can expect to be promised much more adventure crime mystery and drama in season four

If we go by rumors and can fantasize expected story leaks, we can see the story continuing from where it left off and the sail from Argentina to Mexico may even be a possibility and it might also be trying time for Eva since she faced few losses. 

As for a trailer, we cannot get our hands on anything right and only hope for good news!

Stay tuned with us for more exciting and enthralling updates and previews from the series that we will surely bring to you!

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