Hillary Clinton was interviewed by Bethenny Frankel for her new podcast, “Just B With Bethenny.”

The 73 year old Clinton tweeted in September saying that she couldn’t ask for a better company when her own podcast was featured alongside Frankel. Frankel also reposted this tweet on her Instagram. 

On Tuesday she wrote on Instagram, “I was humbled and flabbergasted when she agreed to be a guest. This is a conversation with no agenda. She didn’t ask for questions ahead of time, nothing was off limits, and she agreed to talk for 45 minutes—a lot of time for a busy woman.”

49 year old Frankel believes that their discussion was not political instead it was a conversation “between two opinionated, intelligent, and often polarizing women.”

During the new episode Frankel asked Clinton what her mantra was, stating that her was either “Come from a place of yes,” “Pros play hurt”‘ or, “If you can’t run with the big dogs, stay chained to the porch.” To which Clinton responded saying, “Mine is, ‘Keep going and be grateful.

When you’re knocked down, which everybody is, you’ve got to find a way to get back up. Maybe you get to your knees first and then you grab on something, you pull yourself up. Keep going and be grateful. Every day.”

In August 2019, Frankel said that she never loved any job that she has had more. She said that, “I have already learned so much about myself, life, success, relationships, and how infinitely similar and different we are at the same time. If we only listen to people with our own point of view, we will be stuck inside our own heads talking to different versions of ourselves.”

She concluded by saying that she is very proud of the interviews she has done and is grateful for the time that she was given to explore many nontraditional routes to success. Her former RHONY costar commented “Impressive.”


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