Hillbilly Elegy: Why the movies reviews are so bad


It’s not always in our stars that everything will be going good, there are ups and downs and sometimes there are things going against us. Similar is the case with Ron Howard’s drama that is based on a critically adored memoir popularly known as Hillbilly Elegy. 

As it goes, the movie’s luck did not favour and the Netflix release has got some brutal critics reviews and has become a dramatic flop. 

The story revolves around three generations of the Vance, the younger son of this poor  Appalachian brood however manages to get a seat in the Yale law school, though he finds himself out of place but following the advice of the cartoonish granny and addicted single mother, he finally perseveres and ends up to be successful over there. 

Even though the movies featured some great acting however, critics are of the view that it fails to give any meaningful understanding of the working conditions and the plight of the main working class of America, rather showing the country’s most unworthy inhabitants and making it a cheap and ineffective show. 

According to the New York Times, the movie ends up in a strange melodrama mix and didacticism.  The Vulture remarks that Hillbilly Elegy is not what people of Appalachia mainly demands. Success is basically meant for hard-working humans, hillbilly film is not made for the type of people it actually wants to depict.

Moreover according to them, Amy Adams’ performance is also too offensive. According to the guardian, Hillbilly Elegy is like a personal statement put forward by an American stranger who is more contrived and self- conscious. The Atlantic says that the work is unfortunately more calibrated and shows more suffering it is more like a think-piece trap.

Though the reviews received were a brutal the movie was intended at the portrayal of a rugged soul who succeeded despite his poor origins. We were suppose to shower more positivity on it, does not matter, bad times do show up our way and our only way to tackle it is to look for our faults, correct them and move forward towards success.


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