Holby City confirms the substantial changes to next week’s schedule.

Source: Digital Spy

Holby City is the newest TV show affected by the ongoing Euros Football events. However, the medical drama on BBC One will usually change on Tuesday night. One day earlier, on Monday, June 28, it confirmed its weekly show at 7:50 pm.

This is terrific news for anyone looking forward to seeing Holby City’s next episode.

The Holby City official account was tweeted to share news via Twitter: “BREAKING! SCHEDULE CHANGE for #HolbyCity! Next week we’ll air at 7.50 pm @BBCOne on Monday because of soccer. Tell the friends of Holby!”

Source: Digital Spy

Holby City stated earlier this month that the show would close after 23 years of on-air activity. The concert was premiered in 1999 and marked the end of Casualty in March 2022.

The official statement of Holby City read: “We are sorry to be able to deliver you the triste news that Holby City will stop after 23 incredible years in March next year.

“We thank the entire beautiful cast, staff, writers, producers of Holby, and our millions of faithful spectators and fans for their participation in the production,” she says.

Holby City’s committed and passionate fans reacted to the news with a change.org request. And it almost achieved the milestone of 40,000 signatures. It airs on BBC One at 7;50 pm on Monday, June 28. 

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