Holby City – Here Are The Spoilers For June 29

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Following the terrible death of Kian Madani last week from a heroin overdose, Lucky Simpson is struggling emotionally in tonight’s Holby City (BBC1, 8.20pm – check our TV Guide for listings). Lucky (Vineeta Rishi) had been close to the problematic surgeon, thus the news came as a shock to her.

Holby City – Spoilers For June 29

But, as always, she puts herself into her work and goes above and beyond for a young couple in Darwin who receive a tragic diagnosis: the lady has cancer and refuses to inform her boyfriend, but Lucky believes he should know, so she tells him herself.

Lucky’s already traumatic emotional collapse on the ward is worsened when it’s revealed that she was controlling Kian’s addiction – or micro-dosing as it’s known – before he died, as she’s challenged by Chloe for breaching procedure.

Source: Digital Spy

Lucky, grieving for Kian and feeling forced into a corner, lashes out at EVERYONE for letting him down. Will it be determined after a heart-to-heart with Max McGerry that Lucky requires some time away from Holby?

Meanwhile, as Dom (David Ames) adjusts into his new job as clinical lead on Keller, he asks new locum registrar Rory out on a date, it appears that things are looking up in the love stakes as well.

In light of recent sad occurrences, Holby chief Henrik Hanssen has ordered an emergency examination of the hospital, which Dom is ignorant of. Rory reveals to Dom that he is one of the inspectors… and an allegation of sexual harassment would be embarrassing!

Evie also finds a companion and confidante in director of fundraising – and dad’s new lover – Jeni Sinclair, after a falling out with her father Fletch over his refusal to allow her see boyfriend Andrei. Jeni defends Evie when she confesses that a colleague tried it on on a night out. Jeni takes care of the man and assures Evie that she will always have her back! But are Jeni’s intentions totally good? Holby City airs on BBC1 on Tuesdays at 8.20pm.

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