Holby City – Is Kian Madani Dead? Here Is What Speculations Say

Source: Digital Spy

Kian Madani was discovered unresponsive after taking an overdose in tonight’s Holby City episode, leaving viewers with an agonising cliffhanger.

After a tense encounter with an enraged Fletch, Kian (Ramin Karimloo) tries to overcome his problems. Is Kian, on the other hand, no longer alive? So, what happens after that? Here’s a brief (spoiler-free) rundown:

What Happened To Kian Madani?

Following the sad turn of events with Andrei and Evie, Kian was discovered at the conclusion of tonight’s episode.

When the teens were brought to the hospital after being attacked, Kian found himself in the firing line, with Fletch ready to cast the finger of guilt at his colleague.

As we all know, Kian has been illegally harbouring Andrei for several months in order to protect him from a deadly drug smuggling gang. When Lucky reported Andrei to social services, Andrei and his girlfriend Evie departed Holby, leaving Fletch worried that he would never see his daughter again.

Source: Digital Spy

With Evie’s life on the line, a heartbroken Fletch retaliated against Kian, striking a particularly sensitive nerve when he brought up Kian’s previous losses. Fletch accused the surgeon of “leaving a trail of bodies” wherever he goes, mocking Kian’s ex-wife and lover Bea’s death.

When Jeong left Kian alone in the medicine cabinet, he was visibly struggling with temptation. Kian made a frantic attempt to contact Lucky after their fight earlier in the day, fearing he was ready to relapse. Lucky ignored his calls.

Fletch found Kian asleep on the floor with narcotics paraphernalia near him in the final seconds of the episode.

Is Kian Madani Dead?

Although Digital Spy is sworn to secrecy about Kian’s destiny, next week’s revelations have given us a glimpse of what’s to come.

Following Fletch’s tragic discovery, Kian’s colleagues will be thrown into chaos, while Andrei’s future will be called into question, according to the official teasers.

Fletch must determine whether to break Evie’s heart in order to protect her while decisions concerning Andrei’s future are made. Meanwhile, Jeong will be consumed by guilt, feeling that he is too responsible for leaving Kian alone in the medicines cabinet.

Overwhelmed, Jeong confides in Dom about his ‘mistake,’ but can he truly trust his boss?

When the program returns next week, viewers will be able to see the entire consequences of Kian’s overdose, but it’s apparent that Darwin will never be the same.

Source: WhatToWatch

Holby City – What Next?


Kian’s coworkers discover about his overdose in next week’s episode, which will take up just where tonight’s program left off.

But that’s not all; when Ange and Josh band together to save a mother and her newborn baby, they’re forced back into one another’s path.

Chloe must also make a difficult choice, as Fletch tries to mend his tense connection with Evie. Newcomer Jeni’s actual motives are likewise a question mark, as she continues to act suspiciously.

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