Holby City questions – Has Nicky left for good?

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In a recent Holby City show, Nicky decided to leave in the wake of Cameron’s retribution, while Louis was questioned about his history and Ange embarked on a new relationship. 

Here are the top six questions we’ve been asked:

  1. Is Nicky gone for good? 

Nicky’s life has been turned upside down since Cameron’s detention, and tonight was a major episode for him. 

Nicky decided to have an abortion because she was worried about her future and worried about carrying a killer’s baby. However, a miscarriage scare made her realise how much she loved her unborn child. 

Nicky wanted to take a break from work in order to concentrate on the remainder of her pregnancy, as she needed a fresh start. 

Nicky boarded a bus out of Holby after telling Max that she needed some time to process all that had happened, devastating her smitten friend Louis in the process. Will we ever see Nicky again?

  1. What is Louis trying to hide? 

Louis and Vicky’s enigmatic past was brought up again tonight, when they met for the first time since the shocking attack. 

Vicky stabbed Louis in retaliation earlier this month, but he has been determined to save her from facing charges. 

As Vicky asked Louis about some stolen money in tonight’s scenes, it appeared that he was concealing a shameful secret from the past. What is Louis trying to hide?

  1. Will Sahira back Henrik up? 

Henrik’s harrowing tale continued tonight when, after an incident with Sahira’s son, he decided to speak up. 

Sahira was overjoyed to see her young son Abs, who had come to see his grandfather, but Henrik was alarmed when he accused Reyhan of orchestrating a situation where he would be alone with the boy. 

Henrik told Sahira that Reyhan raped him when he was 14 years old because he couldn’t keep quiet any longer. But would she side with him or with her evil father?

  1. Will Ange pursue Josh in a romantic relationship? 

Ange and Josh got steamy in the on-call room tonight, a twist that no one saw coming. Ange wanted to act on the tangible chemistry she had with her junior colleague Josh after he backed her up after her heinous deal with Cameron. 

Ange was determined to keep her feelings for Josh hidden – might this be the beginning of something between them?

  1. Will Donna take up the cause of justice? 

Donna was upset by the injustices that nurses face in the real world tonight, so she brought up an authentic topic in the real world.

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Donna vowed to campaign for improved working conditions for nurses after being dissatisfied by their persistent undervaluation. But at what cost to her career – and her personal life? 

  1. What is the next step? 

The stories of Louis and Henrik will continue in next week’s scenes, while Kian will face a new challenge.

Henrik’s relationship with Sahira is jeopardised when a concerned Louis makes an unsettling revelation about Vicky’s personal life. Return here tomorrow for a complete recap of next week’s show. 

Holby City returns to BBC One on Tuesday, April 6 at 7.50 p.m.


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