Holby City spoilers – Kian Madani Dies!!

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Kian Madani died tragically in tonight’s Holby City episode (22 June). Kian was unconsciously discovered and revived during Evie and Andrei’s stabbing ordeal in the cliffhanger last week.

When Fletch arrived at Kian for Evie’s surgery, he was astounded to find him dead in the ground. Kian had been tempted to return to dangerous habits after a difficult day that included a nasty altercation with Fletch over Evie’s injuries.

Despite the fact that Kian had been resurrected, Chloe and the team did not agree with his prediction. Kian was declared dead after Henrik and Max were unable to restart their heart. As word of Kian’s death spread throughout the hospital, Jeong, Fletch, and Lucky were left to deal with their own feelings of guilt.

While Jeong blamed himself for leaving addict Kian alone in the medical cabinet, Lucky was forced to consider her own actions in recent days. Lucky’s conscience was awakened after visiting a distracted Andrei who was about to be taken away by social services.

Before he left, Andrei had some harsh words for Lucky, insisting that if he hadn’t reported everything, none of this would have happened.

 Scenes with Ramin Karimloo brought the show to a close. He has been playing Kian since 2019.

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Will Cameron Be Caught

Cameron’s involvement in Zav’s tragic accident – and whether he was able to conceal his entire experience – is one of the most pressing questions we’ve had.

When Zav was snuggled off by a bike near his house, Cameraman was hot on his tail. Cameron escaped with Zav’s belongings during the doctor’s death, but how long before the secret was revealed to him?

What’s Next 

Donna’s life was forever changed when she realised Zav wouldn’t survive his horrific injuries. Although Zav had no official relations with Donna and her children at the time of their deaths, the clan eagerly planned their future together before Cameron-gate changed everything.

If the show returns later this year, Donna’s grief will be one of the stories to watch, but what does the future hold for her?

Donna’s warnings about Cameron’s true colours were repeatedly ignored by Zav during his final days on Earth, but will she finally hear him now that he’s dead?

Let us not forget that before his tragic death, Zav left Donna a heartbreaking voicemail in which he insisted that everything would become clear. Will Donna be able to piece together the puzzle, or will she never truly understand why Zav died?

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