“Holby City” star Belinda Owusu is expecting her first child

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Becoming a mother is the best feeling in this world. And if you have seen “EastEnders”, you must be knowing Belinda Owusu, she is also blessed with that feeling. 

Yes, you heard it right!

The actress from “Holby City” is going to expect her first child. The actress used the social media to announce this great news to all of her fans. 

Instagram post of Belinda Owusu:

The 31-old actress has shared this good news with her fans by posting it on social media. She has shown her baby bump which clearly shows that she is 40-45 weeks pregnant. 

Belinda has used the caption, “I am ready to have kid #40weeks”.

You can see the post just by a single tap on this link- https://www.instagram.com/p/CL12LhmhAXf/?utm_source=ig_embed 

Reaction to Belinda’s post:

After hearing such a lovely piece of news, fans sent good to Belinda, with some warm and kind words in the comment section.

One fan wrote, “Oh my god! Congrats girl!!!”

While another fan said, “Huge Congrats to you girl! Sending you a lot of love.”

What is Belinda currently doing now?

Belinda is presently starring in one of the BBC medical dramas, “Holby City” as Nicky McKendrick. And the best part of playing the character of Nicky is that her character is also pregnant in the storyline, who do her ultrasound by herself. 

You can download and watch the whole series of “Holby City” from https://www.sky.com/watch/title/series/31f10dec-2e08-44b7-ba3a-24fbc0c9ccd5/holby-city-31f10dec-2e08-44b7-ba3a-24fbc0c9ccd5 

In the character of Libby Fox, she was also the charm of one of the most popular series of “EastEnders” that was streaming on BBC One.

The career journey of Belinda Owusu:

Belinda was a bright theatre artist in Anna Fiorentini Theatre and won sponsorship from there which led her to the famous role of Libby Fox in EastEnders. 

She was also seen in a pizza advert. In 2011, she started to work at Nuffield Theatre and as Desdemona in “Othello” by William Shakespeare. She was also a director and has performed in many movies and series.

Courtesy: Whatsontv

Personal life of Belinda Owusu:

Born in London, Belinda is well versed in Ghanaian and English language. She is having an elder brother, Jermaine Jake Owusu, and little brother Ziggy Owusu, who was murdered mysteriously in 2016. 

Now, Owusu is going to take a maternity break from the movies. We can expect her to come back from the movies as soon as possible. 

Till then stay tuned. 


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