Hollyoaks’ George Kiss continues to abuse John Paul McQueen in soap’s coercive control storyline

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As per the report, in the soap’s coercive control storyline popular figure of the show George Kiss continued abusing John Paul which later messed everything.

This is something unbelievable for the villagers. As because the sinister PC has made others in the village gain a strong belief that John Paul had been abusing him. But in reality, it’s quite opposite as Paul is the one being emotionally and physically abused by his partner. 

George Kiss (Callum Kerr) had John Paul arrested in the latest manipulation. This was done after directing Peri (Ruby O’Donnell) to gain a strong belief that there be a serious domestic violence incident. 

Also, during the time when John Paul was being interrogated in a jail cell, it was something horrifying for Sally that Paul was not fully defending his partner. This was more horrifying for her when Paul during a conversation with DS Cohen (Ariana Fraval) not defending his partner George Kiss. 

However, later after the judgment, George did eventually get John Paul out of jail. But Sally shared one more bad news that he lost his head teacher job chance. And this was because she accidentally in front of the job interviewers unfold everything about his arrest.

Moreover, Sally, later on, shared everything about her suspicions with John Paul figuring George that he is not as innocent as his appearance shows. Also, hinting that Peri might have been misinformed at the hospital by the PC.

She warned with a high pitch note that, as per her point of view she doesn’t think he’s quite the hero he is just making himself be like it.

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Although the PC was evasive, John Paul later defied George everything that he had heard from Sally. As George was all set to leave, he contended John Paul is the one with an aggressive tone and pitching high. 

John Paul after this also tried to make amends for reaching his boyfriend’s arm. But the incident turned a bit aggressive with George turned back around all of a sudden and punched him in the face. 

Later during the end of the episode, this incident horrified John Paul. Do you found our report interesting? Let us know.


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