Hollyoaks Juliet Nightingale to face a big decision:- Spoilers


Hollyoaks youngster Juliet Nightingale will be confronted with an immense choice one week from now, as a terrible kid, Jordan Price fears for his life. 

Juliet (Niamh Blackshaw) is as of now set for intrigue Jordan’s hazardous supervisor Victor, resolved that she ought to be higher up the stepping stool. 

Tired of offering an explanation to Jordan rather, Juliet gets over her station, prompting tragic results when she and Sid Sumner get robbed during a medications’ drop-off. 

At the point when confronted with Victor, later on, Juliet burns through no time in tossing Jordan under the transport. 

This implies it’s presently down to Jordan to get Victor’s cash back, and he recommends a theft at the salon. However, regardless of his endeavors, it’s still Juliet who dazzles Victor before the day’s over. 

Accepting she is currently in with a possibility, Juliet keeps on intriguing Victor to Jordan’s detriment. 

At the point when Jordan discovers that Juliet wrecked yesterday, he detects a chance to win and reports this to Victor. In any case, this reverse discharges on him as Victor demands he doesn’t care for snitches.

Froze, Jordan later discloses to Leela that his life is in harm’s way and beseeches her to flee with him. Yet, before they can go anywhere, they’re halted abruptly by PC Kiss. 

Fans should sit back and watch whether Jordan is in a tough situation, however before the week’s over, Sid is resolved to move both himself and Juliet away from all the peril. 

As Sid returns to school, he begins to puzzle over whether he and Juliet could make a new beginning all things considered. 

Unfortunately, Victor has different plans and approaches Juliet with a major recommendation – leaving her with a choice to make. 

A while later, Juliet chooses to rehash her look, however, is it for the existence of opportunity with Sid or the existence of wrongdoing with Victor?


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