Hollyoaks’ Mercedes intervenes in Donna’s case – Marie


As a result of Donna-blackmail, Marie’s Mercedes McQueen will decide to take severe measures in Hollyoaks. Since Donna-Marie overheard Mercy talking about her one-night romance with Romeo Nightingale a few months ago, she’s turned to blackmailing Mercedes. After a week of maintaining a secret, Romeo decides to tell Mercedes the truth.

Even though Mercedes is able to persuade Romeo to keep their relationship a secret for the time being, Donna-Marie blackmails her for an additional £2,000. However, after Sylver unintentionally exposes some critical information, Donna-Marie decides to increase the price of Mercedes to cover the cost of a family vacation for her and her children Romeo and Juliette

There aren’t many alternatives left for Mercedes, so she decides to issue her own ultimatum to Donna-Marie. Mercy contemplates poisoning Donna-drink Marie’s to gain the upper hand when she is pushed to the brink. Although she knows Donna-Marie is addicted to drugs, Mercedes wonders if she can do it.

Because Mercedes has finally confessed her indiscretion to Sylvert, the truth will finally come out. Unknown is Sylver’s reaction to Cher’s current relationship; although Cher is certain to take offence, given that she just just agreed to make up with Mercedes following their terrible disagreement a few months ago. Three episodes of Hollyoaks will run at 6.30pm on Channel 4 on August 23, 24, and 25, 2018.

What else do we know about the Hollyoaks series?

Casting for a new character from Walter Deveraux’s history was announced by the BBC. On Channel 4, Dawn Hope will play Pearl, a longtime acquaintance of the Deverauxs who was extremely close to Walter’s deceased wife. To see the Deveraux family and reminisce about the great moments she shared with her late friend, Pearl will visit the village.

With Pearl around, Walter may feel better after his recent problems with his health and the Price Slice heist, but is there more than just friendship developing between Walter and Pearl? According to the actress, she’s “very pleased” to be presenting “fun-loving Pearl,” with her “vibrant and fashionable attitude” (August 17).

A veteran of theatre and television, Hope may be known to Coronation Street watchers from her time there a few years back. The actress starred in numerous episodes of the ITV soap as Kirsty Soames’s mother Alison in some difficult sequences as her parents fought with her then-love interest Tyrone, according to a press release from the company. Other notable appearances include the BBC’s Waiting for God adaption and a staging of the popular musical Little Shop of Horrors.


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