Spoilers ahead for those who are watching this show from the UK!

A new murder mystery is gearing up for the on UK screens next week. The storyline is full of suspects, dead body and investigations. The residents of Summer Bay are in turmoil as they get the news that the fisherman has found a body in the water. In a small place like this, news is spreading like wildfire and everybody is guessing the identity of the dead body.

The police are called and everyone is quite sure that the dead body is of Mackenzie Booth – who recently went missing and somehow has met a tragic end. Although that is not the case as he turns up safe and sound later and well, speculation goes into overdrive as the locals wonder who is dead. Meanwhile the body is recovered from the water and it is now clear whose dead body is it.

As the body is being investigated, the new policeman of the town Cash Newman is alerted by a driver’s license which is found with the body and it is now revealed who it belongs to. It belongs to Susie McAllister who was reported to be running away from the Summer Bay weeks ago after scamming John Palmer, Leah Patterson-Baker and Justin Morgan.

The investigation is started for the murder mystery of Susie McAllister and the first to be hauled and questioned by the investigators is John Palmer.

John is told about Susie’s dead body and he is confused now because he has been exchanging texts with her in recent past weeks. So, it is confirmed that the texts are not genuine. Although, it is unclear why somebody had stolen her identity to fool John.

The next to be questioned are Leah Patterson and Justin Morgan.

When the investigation moves forward with Justin’s statement, his attitude is not something which Cash likes. His statements and behavior are rubbing in a bad way to policeman Cash. Justin is seen to be showing a little bit of sympathy for the women who conned him, but his behavior is definitely not working in his favor as Cash is now more skeptical.

Cash presses Justin and accuses him as the most likely suspect. However, Justin immediately shuts down and becomes uncooperative, refusing to answer any more questions until he has a lawyer present. Later on, the story continues and the scam victim Stephen Tennyson is interviewed by Cash and he also confirms that Susie’s body is officially identified.

Everything about the situation is screaming that Susie is murdered and so does the investigation continue to solve this murder mystery. Irene is next to be questioned and she’s horrified to realize that she’s a suspect due to her acrimonious history with Susie. But the question is, who is the Bay’s secret killer?


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