Home and Away spoilers: Dean feels guilty about Colby’s Death twist

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Following the progress of the movie, the dean realizes that he’s responsible for Colby Committing another murder. Just after Dean had a shock attack in prison he went to visit Colby in the hospital. There he tried to convince him to give up the idea of being a nice guy. He insisted he does whatever he can to live alive in the prison.

Whether Colby took his advice seriously or not is going to be evident in Hindi’s upcoming episodes on Channel 5. According to a recent report it had been uncovered that again Colby had killed another inmate in the prison by stabbing him.

On the other hand, Colby’s sister Bella Is trying to find out some of the other ways to manipulate the latest news of his crime. She was doing so because she was aware that her brother was being bullied in prison. at the same time, she believed that he could have resorted to some other way to deal with things.

In the time when Bella was trying to find some or other way to help her brother  Dean came to her and advised her to continue her life. He said this because he knew that there’s nothing you can do for her brother. After some time he again came to Bella and told her about the advice he gave to Colby. By this Bella Came to know about  Dean’s involvement in the murder.

Now the question is how is Bella going to react to this situation. The audiences are eagerly waiting to see their reaction to this. 

Both kinds of reactions can be expected from Bella. It is going to be the situation of  Emotional dilemma for her Weather to blame the dean or not. The reaction is going to be the center of attraction for everyone watching the movie. It is at this point that the whole suspense of the movie will be open. 

At the time when she’s trying to save her brother and seeking the help of Dean, it is going to become very challenging for her to come to any conclusion when she will come to know that it was Dean who advised her brother to do that act.

Courtesy: Digital Spy

On Tuesday 9th March And Wednesday 10th, March at 1:15 PM 6:00 PM on Channel 5 all these mysteries will get resolved. At home and away is now becoming the most Awaited movie. Some of its featured classic episodes can also be seen via Amazon prime videos in the United Kingdom. 

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