Home and Away star Shane responds to the mindboggling twist in the plot


Home and Away has recently introduced the role of Susie which is being played by McLeod’s Daughters star Bridie Carter. Her arrival in the show may mark the start of the romance between her and Shane’s character John Palmer after he split from Marilyn Chambers. 

Source: digitalspy

However, the next few episodes revealed a completely different story wherein we were shown that Susie is her to play around with John as we see her secretly snooping through his financial records and take photos of the same. She finds herself the right opportunity to do it when alone in John’s house. 

It’s now entirely clear that she does not exhibit any emotional or romantic feelings towards John and her interest in him is totally fake. Shane recently responded to this plot twist and said that he wasn’t taken aback by the revelation as the writers wanted to do the story justice. So, this was bound to happen. 


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