Home and Away star talks about the obstacles of the modelling story of Nikau.

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The Kawakawa Fox-Reo Home and Away star has been open to the rigours of the modelling storyline of his character Nikau Parata. With Sienna Blake, Nikau is in the midst of a fresh adventure that sees him thrown into the modelling world (Rose Riley).

Australian spectators saw Nikau take unsafe steps, like skipping food, while he fights to shape and keep his aspect. He ends up being challenged in the modelling world in the newest twist.

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Kawakawa remarked to reporters that the concept of modelling conflicted with his culture. “I could speak only from experience, and that is that I was brought up in a way that did not appreciate you, as all of the Māoris and Pacific Islanders I grew up with,” he remarked.

“You genuinely don’t love yourself. I think that a Kiwi way of thinking about myself and remaining modest and all that has been highlighted for me – and the modelling profession is the complete opposite of humility.”

Kawakawa stated that, because of a lack of acquaintance with the modelling industry, he was “a little anxious”. He started to film a Nikau tale and later had a conversation with a friend who is also a model. 

He said, “I’m taking my hat off to anyone in the world. “To be thrust into it is indeed a truly tougher and threatening industry.

“It depends completely on how you appear, and some individuals are prepared to do anything to look. And I think that sometimes it gets so insecure.”

Home and Away air on Channel 5 (UK) at 1.15 pm and 6 pm on weekdays and Channel 7 from 7 pm to Thursdays (Australia). The classic Amazon Prime video in the UK offers selected episodes.

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