Home & Away’s Colby Thorne seduces Taylor Rosetta as murder plot continues


Home and Away schemer Colby Thorne is delighted next week as Angelo Rosetta’s wife Taylor falls into his trap. Colby (Tim Franklin) has hatched a cunning plan to befriend Taylor, hoping that she will provide him with information on Angelo’s investigation into Ross Nixon’s murder. 

The corrupt policeman killed Ross at the start of 2019 and has been feeling the pressure since his body was found a few weeks ago. Next week, Colby continues to flatter Taylor (Annabelle Stephenson) and she enjoys every second of the attention as Angelo seems to be neglecting her.

The final straw for Taylor comes when she gets all dressed up and comes to see Angelo (Luke Jacobz) at work, as they have made dinner plans. Angelo changes his mind at the last minute, sending Taylor away as he is too busy working on the case. 

Taylor seeks affection elsewhere by paying Colby a visit and offering him a free massage, explaining that it’s a thank you as he recently introduced her to Willow Harris so she could get new clients at the gym. 

Colby feels the chemistry as Taylor gives him a relaxing massage, which soon turns to more as they lean in for a kiss. 

Later, Colby’s sister Bells is amused when she returns home and catches him making out with Taylor on the couch. However, her mood turns to one of horror when Willow explains that Taylor is Angelo’s wife.

Dean Thompson also continues to disapprove of Colby’s tactics, believing that they can only end in tears. 


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