Home Remedies to Cure Shortness of Breath

Home Remedies to Cure Shortness of Breath

Hy there! Are you having a hard time breathing? Or what if I say that this is shortness of breath that you feel. This is also known as dyspnea. This feeling of suffocation and tightness in the chest is very common now days also with the surge in the smog. The other reasons can be harsh weather conditions, intense workout sessions or even changing temperatures can affect your breathing badly.

According to the best ENT surgeon in Lahore, some of the reasons causing shortness of breath are heavily neglected and these are, lung diseases, obesity, and heart issues. If the breathlessness is not making you feel okay and it’s been long. If it is interfering in the normal activities of life that you used to love then you need to see a doctor. Otherwise, it is not a big deal and you can manage the shortness by tying at home too.

There are a number of ways explained that can help you deal with the shortness of breath by just staying at home. You don’t have to visit a doctor or a nutritionist in order to control your diet. Some of the techniques are mentioned below:

 Relaxation Technique

Download apps on your phones that are helpful in relaxing the body. There are apps that help you relax your muscles. This includes a guided relaxation exercise that makes you tighten the muscles and then relaxes them in order to make your muscles feel relaxed and eventually help you get your breath at a normal pace.

These techniques are basically helpful in reducing the stress and the anxiety that one faces. And this then relaxes the body overall, helping you in breathing normally. These exercises are said to help a lot by distracting your attention from the breathing to the muscles and eventually helping you to breathe again.

Lean Forward

There are certain body postures that on if followed can make it easy for them to breathe properly. One of them that helps greatly is when you sit on a chair and lean forward. You keep your elbows on the knees and sit with your feet flat on the floor. Now relax our neck and try to breathe slowly in and out.

Another one you can do is very simple, in this one you need to fold your arms and pout them forward on the table in front of you. You then have to rest your head on your arms and keep sitting there until your breath eases.

Pursed-Lip Breathing

This technique can help you control your breathing so you don’t have to put a lot of effort when you are breathing in and out. This is very great as it makes you take in the fresh air in the lungs and then take out all the old air from the lungs. The best way to do this is by breathing through your nose for two counts and then holding it in. After that, you need to pucker the lips like we blow kisses. Then you need to take the breath out of your mouth for four counts.


Exercise helps strengthen the muscles and the lungs with time. When the muscles are strong they don’t really need a lot of oxygen to function. The production of carbon dioxide is only very limited when the muscles are healthy. In this way, the airflow is improved. Eventually, it will get very easy for you to perform all your activities without even any hindrance from the breathing side.

Exercise also helps you lose the extra fat in your body. This is very important in a way as obesity is also linked with breathlessness.

Other Techniques

You can also dig into diaphragmatic breathing. This includes the focus that you need to put on the diaphragm. These are basically the muscles that divide your chest from your abdomen as you are breathing. You can simply place your hand on your abdomen and breathe in, focus on the hand as it goes up and focus as it comes down when you breathe out. Try and do it several times and then see the difference in the breathing.


The shortness of breath is very common among a lot of people. Make sure to take care of it before it worsens. Make sure to try the above-mentioned techniques in case you have a mild issue.


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