Horror haunts with Mike Flanagan

Horror haunts with Mike Flanagan
Horror haunts with Mike Flanagan

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Okay, we’ve got you and thus today we will tell you about Mike Flanagan’s upcoming series, ‘The Haunting of Bly Manor’.

The Bly Manor’s haunting that is going to have its Netflix release soon is a follow up of the 2018 release of the director’s then film, the Haunting of the Hill House. The movie became highly popular back then and was showered with immense praise from fans all over the globe.

Viewers are now more curious about the fact that how will Bly Manor be different from the Haunting of the hill house and here is a brief up of what the maker has to say.

Firstly, he claims that bot the movies have completely different and unique storylines. At the center of the Bly Manor is a Gothic Romantic Love story which is very different from any original love story. The new movie is steeped in mystery, with some passionate emotional outbursts.

He also mentioned that Hill’s house was more of a haunted family drama whereas Bly Manor is all about strangers, they come from varied cultures and get to know each other through various facets and relations of life, friendship, love, conflict, and more.

Horror haunts with Mike Flanagan
Horror haunts with Mike Flanagan

Apart from Victoria Pedretti, Henry Thomas, Kate Siege, and Oliver Jackson, the team will have a whole new cast and even the old ones from the previous movie will also be portraying new roles.

The Haunting of the Bly Manor, an adaptation based on the ghost stories by Henry James will be hitting the big screens on October 9, 2020.

To have a glimpse of the trailer of this newbie, do visit,

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