Horror Shows to Binge in October


What is Halloween without some horror thrillers to binge on? I can suggest something even better – horror anthologies. According to the default definition, “the anthology is the screened version of round-the-campfire ghost stories: episodic, enticing and new at every turn”. It is time to revisit some of the greatest horror anthologies ever made in history. 

Alfred Hitchcock Presents (Peacock)

Hitchcock has been renowned in the film industry as one of the most legendary directors. He is acclaimed for defining the genre “horror anthology” with his Alfred Hitchcock Presents. It premiered in 1955 and ran for 10 years. 

Monsterland (Hulu)

This series is arriving on Hulu, by October 2. An insightful narration which includes several fantastical and mythical beings such as “mermaids, fallen angels, and other strange beasts”. The series will feature some familiar faces, including Taylor Schilling and Kaitlyn Dever. 

The Twilight Zone (Netflix)

This horror anthology first premiered in 1959. Including elements of horror, suspense, comedy and even science fiction, this series inspired several themes in the popular media. 

American Horror Story (Netflix)

This horror anthology series is termed as the “renaissance of the horror anthology”. The series is acclaimed for its unique storytelling methods and techniques of portraying gore and horror. Premiering in 2011, this show is a must-watch!

The Haunting of Hill House (Netflix)

A family drama inculcated with elements of horror and suspense, this series became immensely popular after it was released in 2018. This anthology series will not fail in giving you the creeps and making you believe that walls do have the ability to hear.

Black Mirror (Netflix)

This series premiered in 2011 and I can assure that it is indeed terrifying. A steady confrontation with advanced technologies and indulging into a dystopian world, this series is worth an October binge. 


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