HOTEL DEL LUNA SEASON 2: All the Updated and Information


The massive success to the Hotel Del Luna series, might the production company to renew its first ever sequel. So, Hotel Del Luna Season 2 to be an upcoming second season to the South Korean TV series named Hotel Del Luna which is created by Studio Dragon and written by the Hong sisters. The genre of the second season will also be on the elements of Dark fantasy and Romantic Comedy. 

Due to massive support from the audience, the series gained a lot of fans not only in South Korea but even world wide. The first installment is rating 8.3/10 on IMDb and 9.7/10 on Viki. So, C’mon, let’s move forward to learn more about the Hotel Del Luna Season 2!


In the season 1, we saw that the Hotel Del Luna is operated by the ghosts where hotel is seen in the day times. Jang man wol serves food and other ancillary things to the dead bodies which are going to be reincarnated. But she was brainwashed by Mago to send back his lover Gu Chan-sung to be the manager of the hotel. But at the end, the hotel staff left the saying goodbye to the Man-wol and Chan-sung.

HOTEL DEL LUNA SEASON 2: All the Updated and Information

If the season 2 will be there will be a new plot relating to the new start of love between Man-wol and Chan-sung. There might be chances of entering new or old antagonist also to ruin the life of the couples. But for now our fans have to hold their eagerness because the season 2 is not officially renewed.


If there are chances of the Hotel Del Luna Season 2 to be renewed, then we may expect our main protagonists only reprising their roles who are Leen Ji-eun as Jang Man-Wol and Yeo Jin-goo as Gu Chan-sung.


Doubts are all around about the release of Hotel Del Luna Season 2 because many South-Korean may not release the sequels possibly as the season 2 hasn’t been yet renewed. 


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