Hotel Del Luna Season 2 release date information


How favourite is horror and comedy to the audiences in recent times? 

The answer to this question is umteen.  Horror and comedy genre is gaining a lot of popularity across the globe. Not only in South Asian countries, but Hollywood has been experimenting with the concept for a long time.  A supremely popular show Hotel Del Luna Season 1 landed in 2019. 

The show was an instant hit and became an absolute audience favourite in Korea. It is speculated that one of the streaming channels which soon dubbed the show and shared with the international audiences soon.  You must be wondering what is so special about the show that has made it so popular.  Well first of all, the cast of the show is absolutely amazing. 

The next is the backdrop and the gripping story line.   After the launch of season 1 the fans are eager to know about the details of the impending season.  We are here with every minute detail about Hotel Del Luna Season 2. 

Hotel Del Luna Season 2 release date information

What was there in Hotel Del Luna Season 1: 

As the name suggests, the story revolves around the guests of the hotel Del Luna. The speciality about the hotel is that it only provides room to the guests who are dead.  Yes, you heard it right! The hotel is for the Dead. 

The hotel is managed by Mago. But now he’s turning old and has to pass the responsibility to his son Gu Chan-sung.  However, Gu Chan-sung wants to have a different career but lands helping his father in the family business. It would be interesting to see how the second season shapes up. 

Plot of Hotel Del Luna Season 2: 

As per the rumours, Hotel Del Luna Season 2 deals with Gu Chan-sung’s character and his encounter with the dead. The rumours have it that there would be a love angle alongside the horror comedy. We can’t contain excitement for season 2. 

Release date of Hotel Del Luna Season 2: 

There is no news regarding the dates of the speculated release of Hotel Del Luna Season 2.  As soon as we get any information, we would be updating on the portal. 

Cast of Hotel Del Luna Season 2: 

We are anticipating that the cast would repeat from the previous season. 

Lee Ji-eun will return as Jang Man-wol; Kim Gyu-Ri will play the young Man-wol; Yeo Jin-goo wil reprise as Gu Chan-sung; Kim Kang-hoon will play the young Chan-sung. 

The concrete information about Hotel Del Luna Season 2  is eagerly awaited.  As soon as we get information, we will inform you immediately. 


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