House of Cards Season 7 Is Netflix Planning to Renew the Show? What Are the Possibilities? And What Officials Are Saying?


Well, we are here to talk about an American drama which has been celebrated worldwide. This political show managed to survive 6 seasons so far, however, they may or may not be able to please their global fans with this political drama as per the current update. Let’s see what we have learned about the development of this show so far.

Renewal of House of cards season 7:

It is hard to digest about the news we have heard from the House of cards makers that they are not keen for any more seasons for this prestigious show. We clearly understand this is not good news to fans especially during this COVID pandemic crisis.

 If we read in between the lines of makers, probably they are planning for another show but not accurately House of cards. To make it worse, there is news surfacing online related to lead actor Kevin Spacey for alleged sexual assault reported by Anthony Rapp. Anthony was underaged when this incident happened and thus turn out to be showcasing an ugly image of the show.

 There is also news about the lead actor walking out of the show claiming false allegations by making the team in a situation of misery. The makers are in dilemma, if they can carry on the new season with the new actors but highly unlikely to connect with audiences who have enjoyed the show for all the six seasons.

Netflix takes on the show:

We are pretty much clear about the Netflix norms as they chuck the low rated shows and movies. However, In this case, Netflix has to step in and implement the decision making of removing this show and its contract. We cannot blame the streaming giant even if they remove the show from their platform to save their image and reputation due to allegations on the lead actor. 

House of Cards Season 7 Is Netflix Planning to Renew the Show? What Are the Possibilities? And What Officials Are Saying?

Cast so far:

Even if the show decides to feature tackling all its allegations and find the green light. The cast will remain to be continued with Kate Mara, Robin Wright, Corey, and Michael Kelly will be playing their respective roles in this franchise. 

How did we season 6 end 

As the lead actor had to walk out of the show, we have seen the storyline has been amended. In season 6, Clare will be played by Robin who eventually becomes the president of the United States of America. Although we believe to be no season 7, we can expect some major plot twist in season 6. 

Stay tuned with us. We are looking forward to bring some positive news about the House of cards soon.


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