House of Cards season 7 will be coming or season 6 was the final season?


House of Cards is an American, political, action, thriller drama series directed by Beau Willimon. The first season released in 2013. It is adapted from the 1990 BBC miniseries. House of Cards season 6 continues with the story of the president of Claire Underwood name Robin Wright, facing threats in and outside the Whitehouse and which lead to the death of her husband Frank Underwood, who was a former president. 

Season 6 introduced two new faces as the siblings’ moguls Annette and Bill Shepherd who striving hard to complicate the life of Underwood. Duncan is a DC power player, talented rising star. In addition, the shepherds harness the power of their company, which influenced American politics to bend the country towards them.  

With the news of Anthony Rapp who claimed that Kevin Spacey sexually assaulted and also sexually abused at the age of 14 Spacey was a lead actor left out of the series which resulted in season 6 as a declared last season of the series.

House of Cards season 7 will be coming or season 6 was the final season?

However in spite of the fact that Season 6 of 13 episodes streaming on Netflix is attracting maximum traffic on Netflix and is a super hit in the list of fans the makers have already announced that season 6 is the last series of House of Cards which we understand must be disappointing for viewers.

In the midst of the low spirit among fans, the rumors stating that Netflix has canceled the season 7 or renewed for is still puzzling the mind of viewers because as per the maker’s statement, they have declared that season 6 is the final season because of the downfall in 2017 after having the Spacey controversy and the entire production house shut it down. 

Hence, the season 7 is still on the shady road with no confirmed updates of its arrival.So, let us wait and watch for more insights on season 7 renewal. Until then, keep yourself refresh with season 6 streaming on Netflix.


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