House of cards season 7 Will Continue the Storyline of Season 6

House of cards season 7 Will Continue the Storyline of Season 6
House of cards season 7 Will Continue the Storyline of Season 6

House of Cards season 7 is said to be an upcoming sequel to an American web TV series named House of Cards which is created by Beau Willimon. 

The genre of season 7 will again stick to a political thriller. It is distributed by Netflix and Sony Pictures Television. 

The previous sequels received positive reviews and ratings for performance of the actor’s Spacey and Wright as they both received awards for Best Actor and Best Actress – Television series Drama respectively in 2015. 

So, according to season 7, fans are expecting again to have the best taste of political drama. Let’s learn about more details related to the House of Cards season 7!

Plot We May Expect

It is said by the rumors and leaks that season 6 might be an end of the series. 

House of cards season 7 Will Continue the Storyline of Season 6
House of cards season 7 Will Continue the Storyline of Season 6

As we know, the main protagonist Spacey as Frank was not allowed to act in the sixth season because of his sexual assault with 14 years kid.

Season 7 might start with the end of the story of Season 6. The season 6 was ended with the main cast Claire stating the imperative words “No more pain”. If there will be season 7, then there might be the chances of the plot showing the investigating the case of Frank’s death. 

Further, we can’t able to expect as there is no official trailer released and also the series has not been renewed by Netflix. So fans of this series curiously hold their eagerness for a long while.


The main protagonist will be Robin Wright as Claire Underwood. 

The rest of the supporting and recurring characters will Kate Mara as Zoe Barnes, Corey as Peter Russo, and Michael Kelly as Douglas Stamper. The other cast may or may not enter into season 7 where some new cast for supporting and recurring roles are expected to enter. 


We might expect a new sequel in the late months of 2021 as the Netflix has neither officially said to renew the season 7 nor announced formally to end the season 7.

Hope, fans will get their justice for their eagerness to watch the series at least Netflix has to announce for renewing the season 7 or announcing its end.

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