House Of Secrets Release Date, Cast, And Storyline


Few filmmakers have had a bigger influence on children’s lives than Chris Columbus. Columbus, the director of the “Home Alone” and “Percy Jackson” films, as well as the first two “Harry Potter” films, has charmed many generations of young people with his fun, fantasy-filled films. He even collaborated on the children’s book “House of Secrets” with the late author Ned Vizzini. Columbus is now returning to the world of children’s films with the adaptation of his and Vizzini’s novel into a Disney+ series.

Because Disney only recently announced this project, there isn’t much information about the series premiere date or cast to depend on. We do, however, know quite a little about the narrative owing to the novel “House of Secrets.” If you like Columbus, the original novel, or simply excellent, humorous fantasy, keep an eye out for “House of Secrets” in the coming years.

What’s the release date?

At this time, Disney has not provided any information on the release date of “House of Secrets” (via Deadline). Given the lack of recent information on this project, viewers should not expect to hear anything about its release for another year or two. Assuming the project’s development continues well, it may be released in 2022 or 2023, but only time will tell if the cards fall in favor of “House of Secrets.”

This isn’t the first time Columbus has attempted to adapt the novel. 1492 Pictures, Columbus’ business, inked a five-year contract with Rise Entertainment in 2012 to help finance numerous films. One of these movies was planned to be a remake of “House of Secrets.” Unfortunately, the project was never completed.

Columbus now gets a second chance thanks to Disney’s support. In addition to working on the picture, he is co-developing it with two partners from 26th Street Pictures, Mark Radcliffe and Michael Barnathan (both of whom also worked on “Harry Potter”).

Who will be casting?

Disney hasn’t revealed who will appear in the “House of Secrets” series, just like they haven’t revealed the series’ premiere date. It’s possible that the corporation is keeping its cards close to its breast, but at this point, it’s also possible that casting for the series hasn’t been finished. Furthermore, it is unknown when Disney would reveal which actors will feature in “House of Secrets.”

On the plus side, we do know a lot of the main characters that will most certainly appear in the “House of Secrets” series. The Walker siblings, Cordelia, Brenan, and Elanor, are the most significant of these characters because they are the protagonists. Their parents, as well as the imaginary aviator Wing Commander Will Draper, join them on their travels. Finally, the series’ nemesis will be their strange neighbor, Dahlia Hristoff.

What about the storyline?

If the “House of Secrets” series proves to be an accurate adaptation of the original material, viewers will be treated to a similar narrative when it premieres. Disney and Columbus offer a wonderful time for every family, filled with magic and mystery. It remains to be seen whether it lives up to the level set by Columbus’ earlier children’s fantasy novels, but the novels give more than a solid enough basis to construct a fantastic television series.

Cordelia, Brenan, and Elanor Walker are less than happy when their parents relocate them into a scary old Victorian home. The mansion, which was formerly owned by author Denver Kristoff, is riddled with secrets just waiting to be unearthed. However, things go horribly wrong when their new neighbor’s magical misbehavior locks the kids in the expanded realm of Kristoff’s writings. To escape, the children must negotiate the perplexing realm of the deceased author’s interwoven writings.


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