House Of The Dragon Season 1: Recent Development


House of the Dragon, the prequel to Game of Thrones is now a highly anticipated series and fans are eagerly waiting for the series to hit the displays. The series is officially confirmed and now the wait is only for the release date to get revealed. However, fans need to have more patience as we are very far from its release date updated from various sources.

Although it is confirmed that, House of the Dragon first season will make its debut in the successive year 2022. The HBO President Casey Bloys of Programming said in a conversation that House of the Dragon Season 1 would likely to be released in April 2022, with Deadline as Game of Thrones furloughs each season in April.

Despite the fact that there are many Game of Thrones successors for HBO and several others to work on. Therefore, all focus at this point is now on the House of the Dragon which will surely make fans more delighted than before. According to Bloys, there were no casting details to announce, however writing on the House of the Dragon first season is underway. 

House Of The Dragon Season 1: Recent Development

Bloys also added that there are no other winking green lights or anything like that on the way with the series. Eventually down the way who infers everything, but there are no sudden strategies. The franchise is completely focusing on House of the Dragon, that’s what Bloys told to Deadline.

House of the Dragons after Aegon’s Conquest it will further follow the surge of the House Targaryen. The series will also cover up the incidents of the Targaryen Civil War, that’s typically called as Dance of the Dragons. Although the plot is said to be quite fascinating as well as interesting with twists and suspense.

House of the Dragon will be completely based on series of suspense fantasy novels by George RR Martin, A Song of Fire and Ice. The anecdote of the House Targaryen lay 300 years before the incidents of Game of Thrones. The storyline will also wrap the fabled Dance of Dragons and the Doom of Valyria. It will chiefly emphasis on the Targaryen dynasty when they reached in Westeros and the incidents that took after that.

Until now, we don’t have any declaration by the production on the casting of House of the Dragon first season. Heretofore we are nearly two years off from its release, this clearly indicates that the showmakers might put up with more time to release any trailer or glimpse of the series. Moreover, big as coronavirus pandemic is standing in front of the production team.

Stay tuned to us, to get all leaks and all updates related to this television series.


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