House Party Reboot – Updates On Release Date, Cast, And Plot

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When it musically depicted the Black teen scene with “freshness and originality,” as Roger Ebert put it in his review at the time, the film “House Party” launched a few careers, became a cult classic, took in more than $26 million with a limited release (according to Box Office Mojo), and spawned a few sequels. Thanks to New Line and HBO Max, the energy is returning today.

“House Party’s” relaunch has been in the works for a few years, but it now looks to be going forward, with rumours of new cast members surfacing. According to Deadline in April 2021, the project is a “high priority” for Maverick Carter and LeBron James’ Springhill Company, which is producing the new film. Despite being more than 30 years removed from the cheerful and feisty original, the new “House Party” (perhaps a new series) will surely seek to become a cultural monument for a new generation.


House Party Reboot – Updates On Release Date

This project has a long way to go before a release date can be confidently confirmed, since casting is currently ongoing. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the storey has already been written, and filmmaker Calmatic (of the “Old Town Road ” video fame, making his feature picture debut) has been connected since 2019. Still, filming, editing, and all that jazz must take place, so we may have to wait another year or two before we see promotion and marketing.

There was already talk about which musicians would be attached when the news about the upcoming not-reboot (LeBron James instead called it a “entirely new look for a classic movie”) broke in 2018 (per The Hollywood Reporter), so you can expect the star-studded soundtrack to be a high-profile part of any additional news about the film. In the interim, while production progresses, you’ll have to be patient.

House Party Reboot – Updates On Cast

Jorge Lendeborg Jr. (Marvel’s “Spider-Man” movies) and Tosin Cole (“Doctor Who”) were cast as the production’s two new leads in early April (via Deadline), perhaps reprising roles played by Kid ‘n Play (Christopher Reid and Christopher Martin) in 1990. DC Young Fly was also added to the cast a few weeks later, though it’s unknown what role he’ll play. Karen Obilom (“Doom Patrol,” according to Variety) is the most recent performer to be linked to the upcoming “House Party” remake. Her participation was announced in June of 2021.

Originally, it was speculated that producer LeBron James might appear in a cameo, and that chance still exists. Even yet, there are plenty of additional possibilities for performers who appeared in the first two films to make cameo appearances. Reid, Martin, Tisha Martin-Campbell, Martin Lawrence, Adrienne-Joi Johnson, Daryl “Chill” Mitchell, Kelly-Jo Minter, and Full Force are just a few of them (Paul Anthony, Bowlegged Lou and B-Fine).

Stephen Glover and Jamal Olori collaborated on the film’s writing (“Atlanta”). The show’s executive producers include Reginald Hudlin, the original film’s director and writer, as well as his brother Warrington Hudlin, an initial “House Party” producer.

Source: Deadline

House Party Reboot – Updates On Plot

The original “House Party” has a simple plot: a party is being held at Kid’s house, but Play gets into a fight and is grounded by his father, preventing him from attending. When he tries nonetheless, things go horribly wrong in just the way you’d anticipate.

The cops are called in, there are school bullies, a dance competition is held, a rap battle is held, and the adolescents engage in a variety of other mischief. Although there’s no news on how faithful the reboot will be to the original, it seems likely that the overall narrative will stay the same, but altered to better suit modern times.

Fans will have to wait for additional details on how the plot will follow in the footsteps of the original or depart from its influential and seductive nineties hip-hop sensibility.

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