James Gunn’s DC debut, The Suicide Squad, has arrived in the United Kingdom, so you may witness the destruction James Gunn has wrought.

However, the new movie does include an entirely new set of criminals who join Task Force X and are dispatched on a risky mission to the secluded island of Corto Maltese for an unknown purpose.

Can Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) and Bloodsport (Idris Elba), Peacemaker (John Cena), and Ratcatcher 2 (Daniel Melchior) live long enough to finish the objective, or will they be wiped out?

Find out how you can watch The Suicide Squad by reading on. The news is mixed. There’s good news: The Suicide Squad is currently playing in UK theatres a whole week before it opens in the United States.

The bad news is that it will be released only in UK cinemas, as has been the case with every Warner Bros film since May, and will not be receiving a simultaneous digital release.

The Suicide Squad will be available to rent and purchase digitally later this year, but you can check it out at your local cinema right now.

The Suicide Squad’s release date in the United States has been pushed back a bit. You can catch it in US cinemas on August 5 and HBO Max at home. It will be available for 31 days after its theatrical release on the streaming service.

In the US, you may subscribe to HBO Max for $14.99 a month. As of yet, HBO Max is not available in the United Kingdom, and it was just released in Latin America and the Caribbean last month, respectively.

Add HBO Max to your Hulu membership, and you’ll get a seven-day free trial of HBO Max. After the trial period, it will cost $14.99 a month after the trial period has expired.

Cinemas in the United Kingdom are now showing The Suicide Squad. US theatres will get it on August 5. You can also watch it on HOB, 31 days after the release. 



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