How characters of “Disenchantment” season 3 winded up their roles?

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Netflix original sitcom series “Disenchantment” has been in a great buzz from the day when season 1 got released. The show gained a lot of positive reviews and appreciation from critics and audience. It gained 7.2/10 IMDB with 46K votes.

Now, after season 1 and 2, season 3 is also saying goodbye to the platform by paving the way for season 4. Now, let’s roll further and know what is kept into the box about its characters for further seasons. 

Before beginning, here is the link to watch all the seasons of “Disenchantment” if haven’t watched yet- 

Original home of Elves:

Season 3 is going to end by disclosing the secret to Leavo, Shocko and Rulo that Dreamland is the original home of Elves. 

Steamland is secretly spying:

It has been already discussed in our former articles that Alva Gunderson was keeping an eye over who was living in Dreamland, that is elves. She was doing all this through the crown implanted over head of Zog.

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Derek elopes with Oona:

King of Dreamland was following Derek as he was only witness of Zog’s murder. While running, Derek realised that life of king was not worth it. Derek then marries Sagatha, a fairy who loved him immensely. But when he saw his mother Oona, he eloped with her on a pirate ship.

Luci’s demise to heaven:

Any series is incomplete without having an emotional death. This series was too having. Death of Luci. She was killed by demon while saving Bean from Dagmar. The season was ended which showed Luci going into the clouds representing that she went to heaven. 

Elfo is captivated by Ogres:

When Bean was dead, Dreamland is battled by Ogres. During the fight of Gnomes and Ogres, they wanted Elfo to sacrifice his life in exchange of Dreamland’s safety. This is how Ogres captivated Elfo for the better of Dreamland.

Zog got shifted to an Asylum:

King Zone was completely sane all over the episodes of Disenchantment. The reason being that Oona and Bean were tricked into something and that caused some kind of trauma to King Zog.

This was all about the ending of all characters of series, to get more, stay tuned to this space.


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