How Civil War nearly ruined Captain Marvel.

How Civil War nearly ruined Captain Marvel.
How Civil War nearly ruined Captain Marvel.

Captain Marvel is one of the most interesting characters of the Marvel comics series. Carol Danvers, as known as Captain Marvel has already been through her share of ups and downs and by the time she reached the crossover event Civil War 2 in 2006 l, she had already been called a bad guy.

In the film, she hits the biggest obstacle in her career in comics.

The film basically deals with the dangers of supernormal future events and things that can happen to those I think presumptions about society at the actual facts. 

Heard of Ulysses Cain? 

yes, the one who has been acting as the stimulus for Marvel’s second civil war is inhuman powers giving him permission to foresee the future.

How Civil War nearly ruined Captain Marvel.
How Civil War nearly ruined Captain Marvel.

Ulysses’ visions are followed by a number of casualties. The Killing of Tony Stark was the main cause of the conflict within the Marvel Universe.

Captain Marvel was not portrayed the way Marvel wanted it to be. 

Civil War 2 has been the backslide for Captain Marvel from what the fans had already seen from her in the past in terms of her heroic ideals that change third into a stalwart authoritarian, who was into arresting civilians without evidence somebody who had intense control over the service. 

Neither the beginning nor the ending of the Civil War was of any favor to Captain Marvel, it was a story that revolved around her own conflicting decisions which didn’t achieve too many positive reviews from the Critics. 

Though it sometimes does not work in favor of the film, nevertheless we wish that Captain Marvel’s next gains all the success and Love.


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